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Begun on July 3, 2002

Just before midnight on July 2, I posted the following to the web log:

A RECORD YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF: Barry Bonds is having a hell of a year, 105 walks in 82 games (easily on pace for a new record). But on a lark, I wondered how many consecutive games he's walked in. The longest streak so far is nine games, and he's up to eight in his current streak, yesterday included. He's walked tonight too, so, make that nine.

What's the overall record? According to this article, the NL record is 16 (Jack Clark), and the major league one is 22 (Roy Cullenbine). That Bonds could average more than a walk a game -- something done less than ten times -- and not challenge this record is a bit too much to believe. Clark had 136 walks in 131 games in 1987. Cullenbine (1947) failed to reach the 1:1 plateau. Will Bonds break this oft-unmentioned record? Something to watch for.

Instead of just expecting people to watch for it themselves, I've made it easy -- with the Bonds Tracker. Assuming it's up-to-date, the number in the circle is the number of consecutive games in which Barry Bonds has walked. (You can check his Game Log for a wholly reliable update.)

On Wednesday, September 25, 2002, in the first inning, Bonds was walked by Clay Condrey of the San Diego Padres. That put the Bonds Tracker at 16, tying Jack Clark for the NL record.